Did Not Receive the Book

Check first her order in Outlook. Was the order flagged? If YES, then it is shipped. You have to look for the tracking number of the book in the Book Order Tracking Information folder in Outlook. Check the status of the shipment on google or UPS website.

If the order was NOT FLAGGED, check when the class is and when did the student register. If the gap is less than 4 days, tell the student that we do not have time to ship the book and it will be given to him/her on the day of the class.

For some instance that one our team member, did not flag the order and it’s too late to ship the book now, you can offer the switch the student’s book into an eBook. If the student wants to switch to eBook, verify the email address and send the eBook. Do not forget leave notes and update the tracker.


If the student doesn’t want to convert to eBook, tell the student that we will be giving the book on the day of the class.

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