Email – Safety Email


Thank you for choosing us for your certification training. We are looking forward to having you in our upcoming certification class.

We also wanted to provide you with additional safety measures and precautions we are taking to help maintain the cleanliness of our facility and safety of our students. In the face of the current crisis, your protection and safety is paramount.

Under the guidelines and most recent recommendations by the American Heart Association, we are taking the following action steps at our training facility:

  • Following the latest AHA and manufacturing recommendations for equipment decontamination during, before, and after CPR training.
  • Providing each student with their own individual pocket mask and one-way valve when practicing ventilations. Pocket masks should not be shared.
  • Allowing students to spread out whenever possible during class. Certain skill testing will require working in a team.
  • Making gloves available for all students to wear and use during class.

We are dedicated to doing everything we can to support our healthcare providers, students, and community members who must maintain their CPR certifications.


Thank you again for choosing us for your required AHA certifications.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Any questions, please call us. We are here for you!


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