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How To – Processing A Refund Request & Customer Credits

Evaluate the need for a Refund vs. Holding a Credit for future use
Refunds should only be automatically issued if…

  • We cancelled a customer’s class, and they are unable to reschedule or switch to blended learning
  • We did something to cause an unhappy and dissatisfied customer
  • Student needs a different class type and you have processed the new order and need a refund for the original order
  • Remember- if someone becomes irate or inconsolable, it is better to issue a refund than be subjected to bad reviews on Google and social media

If none of the above apply
You will advise the customer that we have a NO REFUND policy but we are happy to assist them with rescheduling their class or we can hold a credit that will not expire.

If you are on a call with the customer, you can read the template below. If communicating through email, send email template below:


Hello (customer name),

Unfortunately, we have a no refund policy but will be happy to assist you with rescheduling your class. Alternatively, if you are unable to reschedule at this time, we can hold a credit on your account that will not expire. Your credit can be used at any of our training locations and for any type of training that we offer.

Please let us know if you would like to reschedule or if you would like to hold your credit on file for future use.

(Insert city specific signature)

Holding a Credit on File-
If the customer tells us that they would like to hold a credit on file for future use, we need to

  • Calculate the Credit Amount
  • Send them the CREDIT ON FILE email template with the details
  • Document their student block with the details

Calculating the Credit Amount:
We must make sure that any online courses, ebooks, shipped books, and any part of the purchased already fulfilled is deducted from the order total when calculating the credit on file.

Example #1:
Student signed up for First Time ACLS and paid $299.00. We shipped the ACLS Book already.
We need to deduct $59.00 from $299.00. Total credit will be $240.00

Example #2:
Student signed up for Online ACLS and paid $299.00. We issued the online key. They cannot do their skills session and want to hold a credit.
We need to deduct $150.00 from $299.00 for the ACLS online course we already issued. Total credit will be $150.00. We would also deduct $50.00 from the credit if they no showed to their scheduled skills session.

Send them the CREDIT ON FILE email template with the details:

Send the customer the email template below

Hello (customer name)!
This email confirms that you have a ($ amount of credit) credit on file to use towards any future CPR training at CPR (city).

This credit is from the order number (order number). We have recorded this on your account and your credit will never expire. When you are ready to apply your credit towards a new class registration, please call our office and we will gladly assist you with applying your credit to your registration.

You can view our class schedule any time at (city specific URL register page). Click NEXT at the top right of the calendar to view future months.

(Insert city specific signature)

Document their student block with details:

On the student block document the total amount of the credit they will have on file to use towards a future registration. Include the original order number, details/reason, $ amount of the credit, and confirmation you sent them the CREDIT ON FILE email confirmation. Add your initials and today’s date to the note on the student block and save.
Customer has a $40.00 Credit on file from Order #17058. Student cannot come originally scheduled class and has been emailed that they have a credit on file for future use. 3-21-2022 KS

Requesting a Refund from Management-
If the customer meets one of the 3 main requirements for receiving an automatic refund, or if the student is very upset and management needs to be involved, send an email to the city Outlook inbox and include the information listed below-
Subject Line: Max- Refund Request
Email Body:

  • City
  • Order Number
  • Customer Name
  • Customer Email Address
  • Customer Phone Number
  • Amount of Refund Request
  • Detailed Explanation for Refund Request and any additional Notes for Management

Sign your name in case management has questions



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