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How To- Registering Galen College of Nursing Students for a Class (CPR Louisville)

When a student at CPR Louisville has a voucher from Galen College of Nursing, we need to do the following:

Step 1: Find out if the student has a Galen College of Nursing CPR Class Voucher
Ask if they have a voucher from Galen, if they do not, proceed as though it is a normal order for a regular student. If they do have a voucher from Galen, move onto Step 2.

Step 2: Process the order and Add These Extra Steps

  • Add Notes to the Order Form-
    Order Note- GALEN STUDENT NEED TO INVOICE FOR A $45.00 VOUCHER no card Until Voucher is reimbursed
  • Apply coupon code GALEN55 to the orderwhich will discount the order by $55.00

Step 3: Collect Galen Voucher from the Student

After taking the student order, tell the student to email the voucher to us at info@CPRLouisvilleKY.com and then make sure it is uploaded to the class event.
*This is the responsibility of whoever takes the order.

Step 4: Process the Order and Add Notes to the Student Block on CPR.Center
On the student block ADD the premade note –
NO eCard Invoicing company and then add notes in the NOTES section-

In the FREE TEXT NOTES box on the student block add the following-
No eCard – Invoice Galen College of Nursing for the $45.00 Student CPR Voucher

*This will alert the instructor and us that no eCard will be issued until we are reimbursed by Galen College of Nursing

Step 5: ADD and INVOICE Note to CPR.Center for Billing Purposes

Add a Note to the date on the CPR.Center Calendar that says
INVOICE GALEN for (student name) your initials and date

Example: INVOICE GALEN for Todd Jones 4-20-2022 KS

make the note GREEN
*This lets us know we need to invoice the college.


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