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Online Class with Skills Session vs. Skills Session Only

If a customer does not want to do the traditional classroom training, and prefers to do the Online Training with skills, you must identify which package they need to register for.

Do they need the Online Course package that includes the Skills Session or just the Skills Session?

Customers can purchase the Online course directly from the American Heart Association. Employers/Schools can also purchase this directly from the American Heart Association for their employees. When this happens, the customer only needs to pay for the Skills Session, not the online package.

If you are unsure what the customer needs, ask the following:

“Do you need both the online course and the hands-on skills session, or do you already have the American Heart Association online course?”

If they say they already have the online course, say the following:
“Great! We will register you for the hands-on skills session. Please make sure that your online course certificate is American Heart Association. That is the only type of online certification we can accept at the skills session. If the certificate is not American Heart Association, we will be unable to complete the skills session.”

P.S. ALWAYS MAKE SURE THAT THEY DID THE AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION ONLINE COURSE. If they will say that they will only need the Skills Session, you can ask “Did you purchase your online course directly from the American Heart Association?”

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