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2 Options for Completing an American Heart Association Course

Advise the following:

“The American Heart Association offers 2 OPTIONS to complete your training and get the certification you need.

  1. The first option is you can attend a fun, stress-free, in-person class led by one of our friendly and experienced American Heart Association instructors at our training site. This is a great option because the instructor takes you through the entire course and you do not have to worry about doing online computer simulations. The instructor coaches you every step of the way.
  2. The second option is to Complete the American Heart Association Online Blended Learning. With this option you will complete PART 1 of the training online on your own. Time for completing this can vary depending on your experience and computer skills. After completing the online training, you will come to our training site for an in-person skills testing session. All American Heart Association certifications require in-person testing. They do not offer any options that are 100% online.


Both options provide the same certification card after completion and can be taken regardless of whether this is a new certification, expired certification, or just renewing your certification.

Which option can I help you register for today? Seats are limited, and our classes are filling quickly.”

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