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Wants a copy of their CPR card

Before searching for a student’s eCard, confirm they took class at our training site. You can do this be naming our company and the address where we are located.

If they did not take class at our training site, or with a private group we trained, advise:
“We only have records for students who completed their certification class at our training site. If you did not take it at our location, you can go to https://ecards.heart.org/student/myecards and enter your information. This will allow you to look up any certification you have through the national eCard verification website. If you need a class, we are more than happy to help you register for one at our American Heart Association Training Site”

Send them the link to the AHA eCard verification website via text message.
Send a 2nd text message with our information and link to our schedule. If they find they are expired or cannot find their card through the AHA site, they will now have our contact information in their phone to sign up or call us back.


If they did take the class with us:
Look up their order to see if they added on the card recovery insurance before resending their eCard copy IF THEY HAVE ALREADY CLAIMED their eCard.
If they have not yet claimed their eCard, you can resend and verify we have the correct email address.

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